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Looking for a Yard Helper

John Parks

Posted 1:31 am, 03/12/2020

My name is John Parks, I have been doing Carpenter and yard work for 20 plus years, work part time a few days before my full time job at PVH in Jonesville, available most days 8am till 1pm, l can do the work you have, believe in a fair days work for fair pay l usely get $10 -$15 a hr , will price by job if you wish,call or text me if you think I can help, thanks for your time ,336 927 3043


Posted 6:16 pm, 02/29/2020

Steps are no problem.have own tools and truck helper if need.very professional ask for James 336-262-6556


Posted 7:04 am, 11/03/2019

Hi...my name's LM.Johnson. I would be happy to do any work you have available...I have many years experience as a maintenance and handyman..My phone no. Is 336/902/6700. Feel free to call or text me any time. Thank you


Posted 11:34 am, 08/13/2019

call me im mike i have over 40+ years experience and im knowledgeable about a lot!!! 8284579732


Posted 10:38 am, 08/13/2019

i have over 40 plus years in carpentry


Posted 10:37 am, 08/13/2019

hello mam i am interested in building these steps for you and have a sun that can help you with your mulch

Skilled Handy man

Posted 9:26 am, 08/13/2019

My name is Mark and I am looking for work that I can do with my two step son's. I have done all aspects of construction. I have all my tools and twenty plus years in construction and lawn care. I am available any time, even midnight emergencies. Please call or message me at 336-566-9479 my name is Mark. Thank you.


Posted 2:06 am, 07/22/2019

Shane Miller & Son lawn care, landscaping, Construction 336-902-1140 or 336-902-5591


Posted 4:16 pm, 07/15/2019


I am searching for work and would be happy do get any work done that is required, whether it be mowing, gardening, pressure washing, etc. you may contact me at 336-596-7276.

Thank you,

Joshua Berrier

Billy Perkins

Posted 2:03 pm, 07/02/2019

I can do your work if you haven't got it done heres my # 336 902 7029 plus i have pressure washer if you need home washed


Posted 7:25 pm, 06/27/2019

Looking for someone to put down Mulch and level up some dirt and do some odd jobs .Would love for them to be able to put up a set.of steps.Call me at 336-844-5604 if interested

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