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ATF Reports on Gun Crimes


Posted 11:12 am, 02/13/2023

Another effort to register, track AND eventually confiscate guns.


Posted 8:15 am, 02/13/2023

This alphabet agency is unconstitutional in the extreme. This is lawmaking without the actual power to make law. When they attempt to enforce tyranny, it is our right to respond with the actual law of the land. which is the Second Amendment.


Posted 9:30 am, 02/12/2023

Acu are those safer countries getting less safe due to immigrating people from Africa


Posted 2:09 am, 02/12/2023

Have you heard of Charles Darwin and the survival of the fittest? That would be the strongest rules. Look at Australia and their gun confiscation. Homicides did go down but guess what went up, sexual assaults and strong arm robberies. What do you think would happen here with soft on crime policies and pornography on demand 24-7. The two groups that would be effected the most would be women and the elderly. There is numerous ways to cause mass death and destruction without firearms. There is no way to put the toothpaste back in the bottle with all the firearms in the country. Yes there is countries with lower crime rates but I doubt very seriously we are going to chop somebody's hand off or so many lashings for a misdemeanor crime. Our judicial system is set up to let people go. A person has to really screwed up to get put in prison. Now anyone with any law enforcement experience knows what to do to lower the crime rate and it wouldn't take six months. Pinpoint where crimes are occurring like Chicago where two streets have the highest homicides in the nation, lock it down, curfew for anyone under 18 one hr before dark, anything moving is stopped and frisked, driving or walking and any crime is prosecuted. Any judge or prosecutor who fails in prosecuting to the fullest extent of law would be removed from office and brought up for disbarment. Parents who let their children roam free would also be charged. The final step would be no more country club prisons. You will work or serve every single day of your sentence, Upon release with parole, you start restitution and don't come off parole until restitution is completely paid whether it is one day or the rest of your life. That is what it will take to to cut homicides and the crime rates.


Posted 9:25 pm, 02/11/2023

Posted 8:31 am, 02/11/2023
Reality don't show that. Some countries cops don't even carry guns and the crime rate is low.

Can you name the countries and still keep your leftist democrats card Acu


Posted 5:39 pm, 02/11/2023


Posted 5:38 pm, 02/11/2023



Posted 5:38 pm, 02/11/2023


Posted 1:16 pm, 02/11/2023

No accumen. that isn't common sense at all. That is illogical, brainwashed thinking. Even worse, it's not your 'original' thinking but something your handlers keep pushing you to push.

This is 'common sense", and really doesn't require much thought at all. It's just plainly obvious to those that can still see the difference between logic and nonsense.
'Ban guns then criminals will only have guns. That's why they're called criminals'

Joseph T.

Posted 1:03 pm, 02/11/2023

unfried (view profile)

Posted 5:45 pm, 02/10/2023

Did they report how many more crimes were made by democrats than republicans

I would like to see a report on how many guns they provided to criminals like they did in fast and furious.


Posted 10:13 am, 02/11/2023

I am happy with my home now, not looking to change. I don't look at houses being built or for sale. Thirty years ago everyone did, times are different. I didn't use to worry about guns in grocery stores then either. I don't think gun control will help now. There are more guns in USA than the population.


Posted 10:08 am, 02/11/2023

The American people are different for sure. The idgits that jumps in pickup trucks with guns to run down a jogger is crazy. Then the igits kill the jogger for looking around a house being built. The jogger was murdered for jogging in redneck territory. I've looked at empty homes before if up for sale. Never gave it a second thought. I'm the right color for the rednecks.

Albert Pike

Posted 9:27 am, 02/11/2023

And those countries regularly jail political dissidents and their judicial system doesn't have the hug a thug rehabilitation mentality that the US does.
Ban and confiscate all guns (except the military) and I'll promise deaths due to knife, ball bat and claw hammer will rise exponentially, criminals will arm themselves to have the advantage over their victims, as it's been said, God created man, Sam Colt made them equal.


Posted 8:31 am, 02/11/2023

Reality don't show that. Some countries cops don't even carry guns and the crime rate is low.


Posted 8:27 am, 02/11/2023

Ban guns then criminals will only have guns. That's why they're called criminals


Posted 8:19 am, 02/11/2023

We won't be able to stop all deaths, but we can save a lot of lives by banning guns. That is just common sense.

Albert Pike

Posted 8:13 am, 02/11/2023

It's estimated that between 250,000 and 500,000 people die in the US each year because of mistakes made by their medical providers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc. Should we ban medical personnel?

Between 10,000 and 11,000 people die each year in the US from alcohol related traffic accidents, should we ban alcohol or motor vehicles?


Posted 7:55 am, 02/11/2023

Logic. People kill each other. more guns, more people killed. This is a fact. Removing all guns won't stop people from killing each other but it would drastically reduce deaths.


Posted 7:42 am, 02/11/2023

The BATFE commits more gun crimes, in 5 minutes, than most of the GW community combined lifetime record. How many dogs have they shot while at the wrong address? Dozens. But no official records available. How many Federal laws have they broken, multiple times, by trying to create guidelines, rules or reguirements that directly subvert Federal law? Dozens. But no official records available. Fast And Furious, and its resulting repercussions, targetted and endangered innocent US citizens.

As far as the "Good Guy With A Gun Myth"? IT AIN'T A MYTH!!! Multiple MSM hacks and anti gun groups try to nullify this fact. A group was hired to do a poll/study to determine the accuracy of "good guy with a gun" rumors. They found as many as 90% of events where a private citizen with a firearm prevented a crime from happening were never reported to law enforcement. The rare few events of "good guy with a gun" that you hear about are just the tip of a very large iceberg

But, please, do continue to spew your slanted facts.


Posted 5:12 am, 02/11/2023

I have read so many stories of responsible gun owners stopping robberies, thwarting kidnappings, etc.
Let's see if the ATF reports on that!

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